Modern Synthesizer Cover


Our apartment’s bedroom also doubles as my husband’s recording studio. He recently purchased a new synthesizer and within minutes of setting it up, Cher (our cat) decided it was a desirable place to nap. We wanted to protect our investment, but because the “studio” takes up about 50% of our shared living space, we wanted to be mindful of design. I decided to make a custom cover for the synthesizer using leftover fabric from our dining chair reupholstering project. Instructions after the jump…


First, I placed the fabric over the synth and trimmed it down to be roughly an inch extra on two sides.


I started with the front left corner by pulling the fabric so that, when folded down over the sides of the synth, it was even with the desk (there was extra fabric in the back and on the right side. I folded down the corners, like I was wrapping a present, and used a pin to secure it. I repeated this for each corner.


Once all four corners were secure, I trimmed the back and right sides so that the bottom of the cover was even with the desk all the way around.


Then I turned the whole enterprise inside and stitched up the area that was being held by the pin. All the stitches were on the inside so they weren’t visible when the cover was flipped right side out.


Now the synthesizer can rest in a pet hair free zone and my eyes can relax on a pretty pattern amongst a sea of electronics.

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