Functional & Fun, Work & Play

The hardest working room in our house is our playroom/office. We use this space for pretty much everything, including (but not limited to) building Lego, catching up on emails, filming music videos, managing Amazon Subscribe & Save orders, “cooking” pretend food, doing puzzles, drying laundry, practicing yoga, and reading. After painting over the terrible yellow walls (see before pic below), our main design objective was to create separate areas for work and play.

Play. The designated play area is demarcated by our black, white, and red foam tiles. We ordered them from a company called SoftTiles because we could select custom colors that worked with our palette. At first, it was easy to keep kid stuff contained in this section of the room; but, as Fiona has grown, her toy collection has spilled over its boundaries. Our dog, André, is a big fan of this part of the room – he likes to sleep in the tent.

Work. My favorite part of this room is our walnut desk we created from wood veneer we bought at The Door Store and legs from Ikea. We first bought a large piece of veneer to create our dining table (pictured here) and then went back to find a coordinating piece for our desk. The veneer samples come in standard sizes, so they trimmed off the excess to create the desired width for the desk. We saved the extra pieces and used them for the shelf in our half bath located right off this office/playroom. I love how furniture in three of my rooms coordinates, without looking too matchy-matchy. Above the desk, we created a gallery wall by hanging bulletin boards and a bunch of art we already owned, but hadn’t gotten around to putting up. It is rare when we both work from home, but when we do, it is really nice to sit side by side at our beautiful desk.

Shop This Room. Another major element that really brings this room to life is the rug. It’s made of Flor tiles; we’ve been really happy its durability and stain resistance. Fun fact – our Roomba won’t vacuum this rug because it thinks the black is a cliff and won’t go on it. The corner bookshelves are from Ikea (the same VITTSJO series we have in our living room), as is the credenza in front of the window that keeps my glitter collection hidden away. The orange accent chair is from Overstock.


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